Your Firts EURES Job 6.0 Contest

Contest Works

Category: Literature

Title: “A Milanese verlan”

Author: Alberto Calderoni

Description: “A Milanese verlan” is a short story about the importance of broadening your personal horizons by living international experiences. Drawing on anecdotes and (in a deliberately exaggerated way) on the many stereotypes that Milanese and Parisians share, I have later reached some overall conclusions about my recent experience in Paris.

Title: “Inspiration”

Author: Maria Elena Rossiello

Description: It’s s short story about how my grandfather has been an inspiration for me throughout my entire life and in the darkest of times, even though he left me a long time ago.



Title: “My story”

Author: Alessio Beltrami

Description: This is just my real story.




Category: Creative List

Title: “My creative list”

Author: Livia

Description: I created my list with some suggestions for all young people who wish to have a professional experience abroad, after my experience in Bruxelles from December 2019 to July 2020. I hope my contribution will be useful to somebody!

Title: “Is this a list?”

Author: Luca Bellomo

Description: here i write a few words about my own experiences in mobile working in canary islands (Spain).
I hope that this short list could help and bring a smile.

Category: Visual Art

Title: “The gift of life.”

Author: Monica Russo

Description: With this work I tried to express what I, as a midwife, saw every day at work as a volunteer.

The pregnant woman who imagines her son’s face from the first few weeks, hears him grow and when, after giving birth, she sees his son for the first time the eyes and the heart are filled with joy.

Thanks to the project “your first eures job” I will have the opportunity to work abroad and to get in touch with new realities, I will have so much to learn.


Title: “Cinnamon rolls against Covid-19”

Author: Chiara Signorelli

Description: I am a nurse and I have recently moved to Stockholm, although the period to start a new life is not the best, I am discovering that this country is fantastic, with its natural landscapes and cinnamon everywhere. I decided to draw a nurse riding an elk who, like a medieval knight, was trying to defeat the enemy, so he tries to defeat the invisible monster that has been tormenting us for almost a year, Covid, by launching the famous Swedish Kanelbullar, in key a bit ironic because here the covid is dealt with in a different way from the rest of Europe, without limitations but only with recommendations, perhaps, in a more superficial way, but in reality not without weighted choices.

Title: “A split heart Towards the future”

Author: Andrea Viani

Description: By growing up in a picturesque seaside Italian village – on the Ligurian west coast – I’ve always had a quieter and more relaxed life, remarkably valuing, for some reason, aspects such as nature, social relationships and care for details. My growing path brought me to study abroad, travel around the world and meet new people, contributing to develop myself both professionally and personally. For various reasons I ended up to the much more hectic, challenging as well as exciting Berlin. No matter what job I do, person I meet, place I visit, art or landscape I enjoy, my heart will always be a mix of what the seaside town brought me to be and this inspirational path I’ve pursued, since the first day I left.

Title: “My past, my present, my future”

Author: Maria Francesca Schettini

Description: I chose to tell about myself through a drawing that represented: – my past: the path through which I became a Pedagogist; – my present: what is allowing me to express what I professionally am; – my future: which represents my desire, my dream, what drives me to make the sacrifices I am making.

Title: “From a life in Capital to life in capitals!”

Author: Giulia Cobol

Description: In my image I show and speak about my experience in Canary’s island.



Many thanks to the participants for sharing their “Your first EURES job” project experience with our community!

We thank all the judges who offered their time to evaluate the entries of the participants! 18 judges representing 7 different European countries offered their evaluation. Thanks to the jury composed of the Promoter and project Consortium (the project jury) and the jury composed of the teachers and the students of the “EURES laboratory” of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Molise (the expert’s jury). Special thanks to the jury composed of the visitors of the YfEj6.0 project Facebook page (the public jury): we received 130 votes from our page visitors!

The winners will receive a formal communication via email in the next few days and will be officially announced at the final event of the project.
The first, second and third classified (of each category) will be awarded!

And the winners are (scores for category):


1.      Alessio B. > (total score 605)

2.      Alberto C. > (total score 543)

3.      Maria Elena R. > (total score 493)



1.      Andrea V. > (total score 631)

2.      Monica R. > (total score 546)

3.      Chiara S. > (total score 515)

4.      Giulia C. > (total score 505)

5.      Maria Francesca S. > (total score 502)


1.      Livia P. > (total score 572)

2.      Luca B. > (total score 557)